Return Policy

Since these ebooks and programs are sold for the purpose of bettering you as a person with specific formulas and information that cannot be unlearned inside the ebooks, ready to use templates and live interactions there are absolutely no returns/refunds. 


*NEWtrition Challenge Double Your Money Back Guarantee*

In order to get qualify for the Double Your Money Back guarantee you MUST fulfill the following stipulations:

  • This guarantee starts the day your program starts.
  • Track your food in the MyFitnessPal app and share your screenshots inside our Facebook group daily falling within a +/- 100 calorie and +/- 10g protein range.
  • Follow either the in-gym, at-home or walking exercise goals daily and post your workouts 5 times per week inside the Facebook group.

Without following the nutrition and exercise protocols provided it is unrealistic to expect the results.