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In our Fit Challenges most men and women lose 8 to 15 pounds in their first month.

Live your best life while seeing the progress you've wanted.

Summertime weight gain is a true struggle. Our Fit Challenges work with your nutrition preferences instead of restricting your diet.

When you sign up for The Summer Sweat, you’ll have unlimited access to our program guides and nutrition app.

This coaching based program keeps you accountable from start to finish, giving you complete control of your weight loss journey.

There’s no reason not to try this natural weight loss program!

Generic programs will not work.

  • What works for others simply won't work for you.
  • Designed for each individual based on 6+ unique body metrics.
  • Create a 1-of-a-kind nutrition template for your body and needs.

Nutrition on your terms.

  • Easy to understand nutrition templates
  • There are no off-limits foods
  • The weight loss industry doesn't want you to know how simple this can really be or else they'd be out of business.

"I found that less food wasn't the answer.
Now I feel better than I did in my 30's!"

Dawn B.

Progress you can see

  • Start seeing visible results in your first 7 days.
  • Reduce visceral fat within 14 days (unwanted belly fat)
  • Track steady & consistent progress week after week for months to come.

Stop running on empty

  • Regain energy that you had long since forgotten about.
  • Start rebalancing low hormone levels and return to healthy levels.
  • Eliminate mood swings and mental crashes.

Connect with a community

  • Join our online community of individuals just like you.
  • Connect with others who are starting their weight loss journey.
  • Meet challengers who have been through multiple challenges and loving their new life. 

"As far as programs go this was so easy to follow! It changed my life forever."

Naomi M.

YES! I Want To See How Simple Lasting Weight Loss Can Be!

No-Results guarantee

Our Challenges have produced incredible results for thousands of men and women across the globe and we’re extremely confident you’re going to get amazing results with it, too.

That’s why all of our programs are protected by a 14-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee on your results.

Because we KNOW that once you start following these amazing programs you’ll see unbelievable results!

HoyeFit Has 100's Of 5-Star Reviews

See why thousands of women choose our NEWtrition Approach over the big names such as Noom, Optavia, and Weight Watchers.

Very good, clear & helpful

Taylor L. | Verified Buyer

This programme is very good, clear and helpful for those not used to nutrition or probably even those who are a little bit already. It gives easy-to-follow templates with so many different options, help figuring out how to manage your diet but with different choices, and a private Facebook support group, which helps answer any questions or doubts you have.


Katie S. | Verified Buyer

Hoye Fit Challenges have been a game changer! I absolutely love this program. It’s easy to follow, the nutrition guides are simple but very effective. I continue to see progress well exceeding my expectations. If this program doesn’t work for you, you’re not working the program!


Ashley M. | Verified Buyer

I came across Hoye Fit's challenges and thought I would have a go. Well it exceeded my expectations big time. Its amazing how when you stick to something how well it works.  I have never done anything like this before. I ended up losing more weight than I thought I would.


Jackie H. | Verified Buyer

Food plans with Real food and that really work. Simple but effective nutrition routines that really shape you up and are easy to integrate into a busy schedule. Wonderful coaches that walk the way with you and really are there to give you that extra boost on those moments (we all have them!) when motivation and discipline have taken their day off. It works. Just follow it faithfully and you will reach your goals.


Kelly S. | Verified Buyer

The Hoye Fit challenge took commitment but was the best thing I ever could have found! The nutrition was straight forward, organized and realistic within my time as a wife, mom, and professional. People now look at me and say, in surprise, “you have 4 kids!?” Yes, yes I do! Thank you Hoye Fit for changing this Mama’s life!

Past attempts at weight loss set you up to fail

Other programs restrict you in so many ways

  • DO eat these specific foods.
  • DON'T eat any of these foods
  • ONLY eat within these times of the day
  • NEVER eat this food with that
  • ALWAYS take this supplement with these foods

You can't solve a puzzle with missing pieces.

The weight loss industry understands every piece needed for successful weight loss, but....

  • WILL keep information from you to keep you coming back
  • WILL get you to your goal weight
  • WON'T teach you how to maintain goal weight
  • WILL push appetite suppressing supplements on you

The ONLY time to start is NOW

Starting now

History shows that right now is the time when you are as close to your goals as you will ever be moving forward.

By starting now you'll have to do less work to get your body and energy levels back to where you know they can be.

Be stronger than your excuses by joining The Summer Sweat today and launch yourself into a lifetime of success.

Starting later

By waiting until the 'perfect time' to start your final weight loss journey you will end up waiting forever.

By this time in your life it's clear that something will always come up or something will always give you a reason to wait until later.

IF you do decide to start your journey later on you will end up having to work harder and longer to get the same point you want to reach currently.


General entry

You get immediate lifetime access to all of the course material, which lays out a step-by-step plan so you can begin implementing the lifestyle starting today.

This is the original plan that has helped thousands of others get back to the weight and look they longed for. Lose unwanted weight gained during Covid or wintertime, and decrease headaches, sugar crashes, and mood swings.

You Get: FULL challenge downloads of - Challenge guide, complete cookbook,  2 workout ebooks, grocery shopping ebook, weight maintenance manual, kitchen ebook and gym guide ebook.  You'll also get 5 weeks of coaching and accountability from multiple Hoye Fit coaches, as well as a free 5 week trial to our online training app

meals made for you

In addition to lifetime access to full course material and your unlimited online community, you will receive a completely custom meal plan from Coach Joe.

You and Joe will work together to create the perfect plan for you!

You will hand select the meals you want to eat so that you know you'll enjoy the foods while Coach Joe will tell you exactly how much of those foods to eat in order to see progress week after week while living on a full belly.

1 on 1 coaching

Get everything from General Entry & the custom meal plan option as well as unlimited text support with a Hoye Fit coach Mon-Fri, weekly Zoom calls for check in progress, and a custom built itinerary for your entire life.

Schedule your consultation call with your Hoye Fit certified coach and begin building your custom meal plan, daily regimen and Made For You workout program based on your specific goals!

Join the thousands of others who have already
transformed their life from our Fit Challenges.


Frequently asked questions

NO ONE has to feel overweight, overwhelmed or drained anymore.
This plan will change everything.

Are you ready to feel incredible again and refuel energy for your own body?

[Start Date: July 24th]

When you join today you get instant access to all of your downloads, immediate instructions and emails from Coach Joe on how to get started right away!


NEWtrition Approach & Online Community

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