6 Weeks of Gym Workouts

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Everything you need for both advanced muscle hypertrophy OR to turn your body into a fat burning machine for up to 32 hours after each workout!

The 6 Weeks Of Gym Workouts was designed for my Premium Fit Challenge members but has now been made available to everyone as a separate ebook.



•5 working days with 2 full rest days built in

•Progressive overload techniques and suggestions to assure daily and weekly progress

•Various body part and muscle splits to allow for proper rest and recovery while avoiding over-training and burn-out

•Full exercise library to walk you through each exercise

•6 weeks of workouts with set and rep ranges to optimize muscle growth while allowing for maximal recovery time.


*This is an instant download ebook which will allow you to refer to the workouts and exercise library at any time, any where!*