30 Days of Functional Fitness

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30 Days Of Functional Fitness is everything you will find inside of a functional fitness gym put in one convenient place for you.
You will find 30 days worth of workout specific warm ups, strength and skill based segments to increase your compound lifts and gymnastic skills, and lastly will get constantly varied metabolic conditioning pieces to finish off each day.
If you are starting from scratch this book will build you into a well rounded athlete that can handle any workout thrown at you.
If you are already the well rounded athlete you will be able to sharpen the axe by throwing down and comparing scores and times with other athletes completing this ebook.
• 30 days of workout specific warm ups
• 30 days of strength or skill based work to see continuous improvement
• 30 days of interval training to increase strength and aerobic capacity at the same time
•30 days of workout specific cool downs
The beauty of this book is that I made it possible to complete all of these workouts at any commercial gym. 
*This is an instant ebook download so you will be able to keep this on your phone and pull up a workout anywhere you go!*